• Process-optimisation systems

    Solutions for manufacturing, production logistics and shipping

    Create transparency

    StockSAVER makes third-generation Kanban a reality in production logistics. This simple retrofit solution for all FIFO shelving solves all typical Kanban problems, creates considerably more room for value-adding tasks in Production and increases cash flow. StockSAVER allows automated material requisition, which eliminates human errors and thus makes the previously required safety stocks superfluous.

    With SmartMONITOR (for manufacturing) and AndonSPEED (for shipping logistics), you can identify weak spots immediately. To discover the hidden potential in your manufacturing, logistics or shipping business, you need a system that measures unproductive time – whether it be at manual workstations, shipping workstations or in automated production.

    Overview of advantages:

    • Independent of other systems and easy to retrofit
    • Identify weak points quickly and clearly to increase productivity
    • Central control station collects statuses from all workstations and machines
    • Provides an overview of the material stocks of all FIFO racks, including automatic stock replenishment requests

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    The smart MDC alternative for manufacturing companies

    • Quickly collects reliable data to optimise production processes
    • View relevant data quickly at the push of a button
    • Wireless retrofit solution for signalling and analysing all production


    The solution for packing and shipping workstations

    • Documentation and analysis of non-productive time
    • Cost reduction in shipping processes
    • Ideal call-for-action system for continued time savings


    Manual call and messaging system without networking

    • Manual call and messaging system with clear on-site signalling
    • Reduction of idle time thanks to rapid assistance where it is needed
    • Easy and quick network retrofitting


    Third-generation kanban systems

    • Reduce stock and increase cash flow
    • Solves many problems associated with traditional Kanban procedures
    • Substantially reduce the FIFO racking space area and solve space problems
    KombiSIGN reflect

    KombiSIGN reflect

    Simple reflection of machine statuses

    • Wireless network reflects machine statuses to a WERMA signal tower
    • Keep track of machines that are out of view
    • Accelerates reaction time and prevents downtime


    Access control - quick, safe and unambiguous

    • Clear signaling whether access can currently be granted
    • Avoid too many people in the building
    • More security and efficiency for employees and customers

    CO2 Traffic Light

    Traffic light set for climate monitoring in enclosed spaces

    • With this traffic light, the current carbon dioxide concentration in the ambient air can be measured and clearly displayed using the three traffic light colours
    • Ensure hygienic and productivity-friendly ambient air
    • Increased safety for employees and customers