• AndonSPEED

    The solution for packaging and shipping workstations

    Your benefits

    AndonSPEED optimises your processes at packaging and shipping stations - because AndonSPEED provides a visual notification of where problems have arisen. Permanent time savings are possible because of quick fault repairs. The wireless network sends signals to the workstation or the central control station and can send an email notification if required.

    • Rapid assistance reduces wait times
    • Reduces response times and prevents shutdowns
    • Quick fault repair for more "units per hour"
    • Intelligent reporting for lasting improvements
    • Optimisation potential is made transparent

    Typical applications

    • Report stoppages on chutes or conveyor belts
    • Manage the supply of materials to packaging stations
    • Report missing items at the shipping station
    • Process improvement in shipping areas

    Initial startup

    • Install software
    • Connect and configure receiver on the computer
    • Connect and configure transmitter on the computer
    • Integate signal transmiter into signal tower (no tools necessary)
    • Connect Andon SmartBOX


    • Robust, proven wireless network for production environments
    • Licence-free software is included
    • Integrated analytics and reporting tools
    • Ability to implement a head-of-line function, for example, with slave control



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    Discover the optimisation potential in your company. Order your free test box today. It contains
    everything you need for one workstation, including a full version of the software.*

    Video: Set-up Testbox

    *Easy return of the testbox within 30 days. This offer may not be available in all markets.

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    The testbox contains the following elements:
    1 x 860.000.00 WIN Master
    1 x 860.640.02 WIN slave KombiSIGN 71 24V AC/DC BK
    1 x 860.640.07 AndonCONTROL BWM 100-240V AC BK
    1 x 647.110.75 TwinLIGHT Classic red
    1 x 647.210.75 TwinLIGHT Classic green
    1 x 647.310.75 TwinLIGHT Classic yellow
    Success Story AndonSPEED

    Success Story

    Supermarket shopping made faster and less stressful with AndonSPEED from WERMA

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    Product brochure

    AndonSPEED – new solutions for packing and shipping workstations.

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