Single or in any combination of traffic lights

    Your benefits

    The compact 853 LED beacon is particularly versatile. With an IP67 protection rating, it is suitable for all indoor and outdoor applications, even in harsh environmental conditions.

    • Powerful high-output, forward-directed light effect
    • Clearly visible, also from the side
    • Easy mounting and electrical installation thanks to the elastic, self-sealing, membranes or optional M20 cable gland for mounting on different sides
    • Many combinations possible (traffic lights, for example)
    • Where space is restricted: Multi-coloured version available, with up to seven colours

    153 multi-tone siren:

    • Loud audible signal to complement 853 beacon or as a stand-alone product
    • Eight signal tones to choose from and a signal escalation option using three different externally triggerable tones

    Typical applications

    Signalling of faults

    • In lift and hoist systems (48 V)
    • In building technology

    Installation options

    • Wall mounting
    • Base mounting


    • Signal escalation possible with LED permanent light, LED double flash and EVS light in different colours
    • Wide range of light effects and voltage options (12V, 24V, 48V and 115-230V)
    • With the multi-coloured version, the three basic colours red, yellow and green can be activated with just two PLC outputs. With a third output, a further four colours are available

    153 multi-tone siren:

    • The sound output can be adjusted remotely
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