• Installation Sirens and Buzzer

    For switchboards and control cabinets

    Your benefits

    WERMA Installation Buzzers and Sounders have been specifi cally designed for easy installation in control panels.

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Tamper-proof when installed
    • Minimal protrusion from panel installations where space is tight (111)

    Typical applications

    Signalling faults or status messages

    • in switch panels
    • in control cabinets

    Installation options

    • Installation mounting


    • Proven piezo technology (except 338, 382)

    107, 109, 110, 111

    • High IP65 protection rating for outdoor applications
    • Easy to connect using a plug-in connection
    • Up to 8 tones for signalling different statuses
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    Tech-Talk - Acoustics in signal technology

    Regardless of language and alphabet – acoustic signals usually consist of an alarm tone triggered when faults occur.

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